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[Read Before Posting] How to ask for help Empty [Read Before Posting] How to ask for help

Post by Carl Yorysh on Tue May 12, 2009 11:51 am

When asking for help please keep it clear and organized. Search to see if anybody else already has this problem and if theres already a solution first of all. If you cant find it please post your own topic. In the subject please try to focus your problem. Dont just say, the fourums broken or something of that nature. Try to narrow down the problem and then in the body fully elaborate on the problem. The more small details you write here the more help you can recieve because of it.

When responding, please dont just say, "I had this problem too but I fixed it somehow and I dont know how I did it." That isnt helpful to anybody but is the most common response. Also, go through every step, dont assume they know how to do a little inbetween step. Going through a perfect step by step explanation is the most useful for the person having the problem, and everybody after them that does. Its hard to do but the extra work there can make the solution much easier.

Please dont hesitate to post your problems here, thats what its for.

-Carl Yorysh and all the other Admins

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