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Weigh More? WayMar? What? Empty Weigh More? WayMar? What?

Post by Waimor on Thu May 28, 2009 2:56 pm

Hi there,

My name is Wai Mor and I have been volunteering for the Fleet since September of '06, even my pretty little badge says so. I work mainly on Special Projects and Events througout the year and during the summer, I help out with the science camps. I absolutely love summer camps and I never get tired of doing it. But unfortunately this year, I'll be heading off to college so I had to find a paid job that will provide me with decent dough, you know? But I'll be popping in and out the Science Center, no worries. Currently I'm an intern in the Marketing Department, so I guess you could call me a Marketing Intern. Laughing
This Fall '09 I'll be heading to Syracuse University, New York (obviously I'm not going for the weather) but I think I need to live in a new place to spice up my life a bit. It really didn't help that my parents wanted me to stay in California, I mean if they insisted me to go to the East Coast, I might've gone to Berkeley or Davis. Sad

So...GO ORANGE...! ORANGE MEN That is. Basketball


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