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Putting pictures into a post Empty Putting pictures into a post

Post by Carl Yorysh on Fri May 22, 2009 12:56 pm

The first step to posting pictures is to create a Flickr account. You need to have a yahoo account to do so. you can

Flickr Homepage

Flickr Login

If you made it this far than I imagine you can make your own yahoo and Flickr account.

Now we are logged into Flickr. You should see your main page and then you should see a number 2 that says upload your first photos, click that.

Putting pictures into a post 3554014159_d647d2e57e

then you should see something that says choose photos and videos. click that

Putting pictures into a post 3554014283_cf4c5474cb

browse for your pictures

once u choose them you should get to screen

Putting pictures into a post 3554014635_f51b77be61

then go to the home screen and go to the arrow next to "you" and it should bring up a drop down menu. Then click "your photostream"

Select your picture

Putting pictures into a post 3554015011_c63d235978

Click all sizes and then click the size you want the picture to be. I recommend small or medium.

Putting pictures into a post 3554821464_34e0bc1bce

Then scroll down and highlight the image URL and copy it (using ctrl c on windows, apple c on mac) and then go to your post

Putting pictures into a post 3554821682_c5a6c263c6

click the icon of the tree, immediately to the left of the chain icon. It will bring up a small box and paste (ctrl v or apple v on mac). then hit okay. once you do that some html code will appear at the bottom of the page. That is where your image will be. Preview your post to make sure the image works and than hit send.
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